Friday, August 6, 2010


I cant beleive it!! Charlette will be 1 year old in 2 days!!! The time has went by soooo fast and I cry almost everytime I think about her being 1 already. She is standing all by herself, climbing, and crawling very She is not quite walking yet. She can walk along things but cannot balance her weight yet to walk on her own. She loves to sit on the lid of her toybox and play with her blocks and farm animals...this is her new game these days :) She also enjoys going in her room and pulling all the books off her bookshelf and reading them. She will normally pick out a few of her favorites.....The very hungry caterpillar and toes ears and nose tab book. She also loves the frosty the snowman one that makes music. She knows how to get it to play music and we have grandma Traci to thank for that book.

Gymnastics :) She loved it!!

Charlette has 9 teeth now. 4 top 3 bottom and then left both top and bottom molors. She is in the process of getting the at least 1 more tooth too. She looks so cute with all her teeth I just love her smile :)

We had her big birthay party for her daddy's side of the family. It was very crazy planning this party but well worth it. We enjoyed everybodys company and it was a lot of fun. Charlette had almost a 3 hour nap that day so she woke up and was ready to PARTY!! Mommy and daddy on the other hand ran around like crazy people to get everything ready. Daddy, papa Kirk, grandma Cathy and B Moore got the yard ready and tents up since we woke up to rain that day. Mommy ran to Midland to get hotdogs, balloons, cake, GaryLee and Sarah and Braelyn. Everything went to plan except the cake. The lady wrote down that the cake was needed AUGUST 31st instead of JULY 31st. After saying see you next Saturday when ordered I ASSUMED (which I will try not to do anymore) she got it all right. Charlettes loving daddy fixed it and they decided to stay late and make my baby girl her 1st birthday cake :) Then Aunt Nikki picked it up, brought it to us and it was BLUE frosting instead of WHITE!! I was soooo over it I was just happy to have a cake and it was still cute....also made for good pictures. They spelled her name right and I was really worried about that. In the end the rain stopped and my baby girl had a great party with yummy cake :) Here are some super cute pictures of our Charlette Grace at her 1st birthday party!!

Charlette's best friend Braelyn

OK...enough mommy....


What is that daddy??

MMMM....I can eat it!!
And it is MESSY!! want some??
Bath Time!


Play Time!

This year has went by so fast!! I miss alot of things about her infant stage but I LOVE where she is at now and look forward to watching her discover and learn even more. She has had such a personality since the day she was born and it keeps growing and growing. She loves people and being around large groups...she gets that from her daddy. Then at the same time she loves to stay home and hang out with mommy and daddy...she gets that from her mommy. Another year will fly by and I will be writing about her walking and talking and her new interest and I will be crying for that birthday too :)

Look how much I grew in 1 year!!!

Grandma Traci will be back to visit in 1 week and we are so excited. Charlette talks to her on the phone all the time and knows grandmas voice so we r going to have a great long weekend!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 months

Oh my more month and my babe is 1 year old!!! I think I will cry the whole day...I feel like she was just born!!! A lot has happened this month as well...she has grown up A LOT in this month. The fever that I wrote about in the last blog ended up being fifths disease. She got a rash the next day and it lingered for about 3 days. Just had to let it run its course and it went away in its own.

Then Joe had his first fathers day. We had a relaxing day and we stayed home for most of it :) That is a treat for us!! We did go to Joe's parents for dinner to celebrate fathers day and his dads birthday. Here is a picture of daddy and baby on there first fathers day together.

Charlette got her first big bruise. Scared me more than her I think. She was under the end table and I got her out then she went back under and I went to get her out.....well she saw me and tried to run away!! That did not work out, she tipped over and hit her head right on the wood. Cried for a whole 2 min and then tried to go back under the table. Many more bumps and bruises to come....
Starts in the middle of her eyes and goes up above her left eyebrow. She looks upset doesn't she???

Then this month we went to a friends birthday party. Jet turned 1 and he had lots of friends there. They all LOVED the water and it was a really nice time.

THEN......Charlette's first 4th of July!! It was a great weekend. Daddy had a 3 day weekend and we stayed pretty lazy. We had a cookout Sunday and and went to fireworks. I was sooooo nervous to take Charlette to them...thinking it would be too loud. Hahaha...that was a joke...she didn't even care. She was awake form 1 - 11!! Good mood the whole time . She watched a couple fireworks but mostly just played.

At our cookout.

At the fireworks
Before we left the parking lot :)
Charlette has went from scooting to crawling to standing up and now walking along the furnature. Next up is walking wish us luck :) So the next blog is the big birthday update. I can't believe this. I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it :( It should be a good time though. Everyone have a good month. I am going to try to make it go slow!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 months!!

Wow..another month old!! I can't believe in 2 months my baby will be 1 year old!!
This was a month ago 5/15

This last month has been sooo busy! This month next month is going to be even busier. My baby girl is growing up so fast!! She is standing up on things. She gets up on her knees and then I stand her up and she loves it. She is not afraid to get down on her own....she just falls and smiles at us. It is sooo cute. It is going to be very soon that she is doing this on her own.

Look at MEEEE!! :) 5/21

Then my poor baby got sick. She already has to have allergy medicine every morning and then she got a cough. She had some wheezing when I took her in on May 17th so we had to give breathing treatments. At first she did not like them but then she got used to it and always fell asleep. A week of this and then we went back for a checkup. At that checkup she had a double ear infection and wheezing still. Then we went back for that check up on June 7th and she was all better...finally!


We also went on our first beach trip!! So much fun. We had lots of friends and family come with us. Charlette, Mommy, Daddy, friends Sarah and Braelyn, Grandma Cathy, Cousin Brodie, and cousins Alanna and Ari. Charlette loved the water. The spray park was great. We will be going back for more fun :)

Having fun at the spray park 5/24

Not quite sure about the sand
Then it was Memorial weekend! This was a big weekend. Started out Thursday Charlette and I got out of work early went to pick up Joe and went on our way to Detroit. What for?? To pick up GRANDMA TRACI!!! We had a cookout at Aunt Kelli's house and at Joe's parents house over the weekend.
At Grandma Cathy and Papa Kirk's house swimming in her first swimming pool. She is in her first bikini that her Grandma Traci got her.
We went to the Memorial Day Parade. Charlette liked it!!

The best thing that happened that weekend was Charlette and Grandma getting to spend lots of time together :)

The next weekend Charlette learned how to move forward. FINALLY! Well.... now I am not sure if its a good She looks like a wounded soldier. She uses one arm and then drags the rest of her body. It looks soooo funny.

Then Friday was my birthday and Charlette had a fever high and low through Friday and Saturday. It finally went down to normal last night. Did not know for sure what was causing it but thought it was her teething. Friday morning she had one on top break through. Then last night (Saturday night) she kept waking up crying like she was in pain. So I was putting Orajel on her thinking maybe that was the problem. While doing this I felt that she had a molar poking through her gums....OUCH!! It is soooo swollen and looks very painful. Today she has no fever and is in a VERY good mood! All over the place!!

11 month update next and then a 1st birthday update :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Almost 9 months!!

This month has went by so fast. Life is getting busy with summer coming son and Charlette's 1st birthday is sneaking up on us. I cannot believe in just 3 months and 8 days my baby girl will be 1!!! She is not crawling! She definitely can get to whatever she wants and it is hilarious to watch. She sits up and then falls over to scoot on her belly or roll to something. Here is a picture of her showing me all of her toys :)

Her favorite toy since Easter is her pink Easter egg. She shakes it around and hits it on everything.

This is Charlette at daycare! She loves daycare :) She enjoys being around all the crazy kids. Charlette is for sure on e of the popular ones and she knows it....smiles and gets her way all the time. could you tell this smiling face!!
We have done bubbles for the first time with a couple of our babies at work. Charlette did not know what to think. She had the funniest face just watching them go by. If one popped by her she would jump. This is how she reacted while a little boy next to her was screaming and chasing them...hahaha.
A couple days later we tried again and she enjoyed them much more. She started to reach out for them and smiled a lot :) I love all the FIRSTS!!

Charlette is getting some more teeth. She is getting for sure 1each side of her top 2. And I think maybe 1 on each side of her bottom 2. 4 TEETH AT ONCE!!! OUCHCHCH!! It has been a rough month but we are getting through it. Last weekend I could not get anything done. She wanted to be held all day for 4 days. Poor baby!! I of course held her. She needed some extra attention to get through that weekend. Then that next week I noticed 1 of those 4 teeth has poked through so that explains it all. We use Orajel but I don't like to use it too much. Only when she really neeeeds it. I give her teethers but she prefers to just chew on her finger. This is how you will usually find her.

Well....she is growing fast and her personality is growing and growing!! I love to watch all the new things she discovers and all the new activities she learns to love!! Her faces that she makes at us these days are so funny :) I am trying to update at least once a month for everyone and for Joe and I to look back on when she is older.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Very first Easter!!

Charlette had her very first Easter!! Friday before Easter we had a family Easter egg hunt. She loves playing with the eggs (not Her daddy helped her find one and that was all she needed :)

Then she played with her cousins and mommy helped her color her first egg. She observed mostly.

Saturday night we had dinner with mommy's family :) Sorry we forgot we had the pics :(

Sunday morning she found her first Easter basket in the middle of the living room, the Easter bunny hid it in an easy spot for her this year :) It was filled with Easter eggs, a book, a new pretty dress, some bunny ears, and a bunny that sings. She was not a big fan of the bunny but she loved her book and eggs.

After breakfast we got ready for church. She was well behaved and sang when the music was playing. Soooo cute!! She was very tired and danced and snuggled just to keep herself awake. Church was right at naptime. We then went to brunch at grandma Lewis house and then came home, took a nap, and then had a family dinner with daddy's side.

Today we went to the butterfly house! It was so much fun and I can't wait to go again. It was nice to get out of the house and do something a little different. Charlette loved all the colors and beautiful things to look at :) It was an awsome day with my baby girl and hubby!!

Fun filled and GREAT weekend!!!